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cat adventure

Can Cats Find their Way Home?

  • 10 min read

Cats have a very good sense of direction. They cover long distances within their large territory. Some cats even travel for days and still cats find their way home. But how do cats manage to avoid getting lost in unfamiliar areas? How cats find their way home? What exactly constitutes a cat’s good sense of direction is still… 

Can Cats Travel on Trains?

  • 8 min read

How to travel with your cat on Amtrak? Pets are part of the daily life of many people. It is estimated that more than 30% of French households have at least one cat. This pet is also the most adopted, there are about 15 million throughout the territory. Considering its small size, it can accompany… 

Travelling with Cats on Boat

  • 7 min read

Safe sailing with cats on board There are many websites on the subject of ship’s cats on the Internet that advertise very questionable drastic treatments. For example, it states that cats should be regularly thrown into the sea so that they can learn to climb on board. Others recommend swimming lessons with a life jacket.… 

Cat sunscreen guide

Protecting Your Furry Friend: The Importance Sunscreen for Cats

  • 10 min read

Have you ever found your cat basking in the sun, eyes closed, looking serene and utterly content? As delightful as these moments are, it’s crucial to consider the risk that comes along with prolonged sunlight exposure – solar erythema. Yes, you read that right. Our feline friends, much like us, are susceptible to the harmful UVA… 

cat travel anxiety

From Fearful to Fearless: Tackling Cat Travel Anxiety Effectively

  • 8 min read

Well, hello there, fellow cat owners! We all adore those moments of togetherness with our purr-fect friends, don’t we? But sometimes, those car rides together can make travel a true cat-astrophe! You’ve probably noticed it: the excessive meowing, the restlessness, and perhaps even some physical discomfort. What you’ve got on your hands is a case…