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traveling with cats

Traveling with Cats: The Ultimate Guide to Catventures

  • 11 min read

Hello, dear feline enthusiasts and wanderlusters! Have you ever glanced over at your fluffy friend and thought, “Why can’t you come with me?” At PurrfectJourney, we believe in merging our love for cats with our passion for travel. We’ve explored, experimented, and experienced – and now we’re here to share the ins and outs of… 

Why Are Cats Active at Night?

  • 11 min read

Scratching at the door, kicking the pillow or the cat’s rude attempts to wake you up with its paw in the cat friend’s face: it can happen that a house cat doesn’t want to accept that the person is sleeping at night. If the cat is new to the household or has to cope with… 

Health Check for Cats: How Often Should You Take Your Cat to the Vet

  • 27 min read

Preventive examinations for cats help to identify health problems at an early stage and enable our velvet paws to live a long and, if possible, symptom-free cat life. Find out how much a cat health check costs and how it works. 💡The most important thing summarized: health checks for cats Health check : For cats, the routine… 

Taking the cat to the vet – Vet Visit 

  • 11 min read

Taking a fearful and possibly sick cat to the pet doctor often results in stress for humans and animals. For your cat, a visit to the pet doctor means that he has to leave his usual surroundings. This fact alone causes stress in cats, as our cats are sensitive creatures of habit and they are reluctant to leave… 

Guide to Find a Lost Cat – Microchipped Cat

  • 19 min read

Chipping a cat Learn how to locate a microchipped cat. From scanning procedures to contacting relevant authorities, ensure a swift reunion with your beloved feline companion. No matter whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat, you should definitely have your cat chipped. While simple tags with the name and address of the pet’s parents were previously attached… 

Can I Give My Cat Bottled Water?

  • 12 min read

Can cats drink sparkling water? Is carbon dioxide harmful? A regular water source is just as important for house cats as it is for us humans. Some cats don’t just limit themselves to tap water, but also like to drink sparkling water – if you let them. But are cats even allowed to drink sparkling bottled water? Or…