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Is It Better to Travel with Cat or Leave Cat at Home?

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Going on vacation is the most exciting thing for a human but some pet owners want to share this excitement and adventurous vacation with their pet. Being a cat owner you must ask these question to yourself, if I can take my cat with me on vacation? what should I prepare? what my cat will be needing? Is it safe to take him with me? should I leave them at home or with a cat sitter? In this article you will find all your answers so, you must give it a read.

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Whether to leave cat at home or take it with you?

Some cats may be well suited to travel and there are times when you may not have much choice, changes in a cat’s routine or surroundings are usually stressful. The majority of cats are creatures of habit and prefer to stay in a familiar environment but sometimes change in routine and environment is much needed for your feline friend.

Checklist – What do your cat needs to travel?

The essentials for traveling with your cat to keep your tom companion safe, comfortable, and happy during the journey are as following:


  • Well-ventilated carrier that’s large enough for your cat to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. 
  • Secure locking mechanism to prevent escapes.
  • Soft bedding or blanket for comfort.
  • You can also keep a toy in its carrier. 

Identification and documentation:

  • Collar with ID tags containing your contact information. 
  • Microchip with up-to-date registration and contact details.
  • Your cat’s medical records, including vaccination certificates and health certificates if required for travel.

Health and safety:

  • Portable litter box or disposable litter trays. 
  • Cat litter and scoop.
  • Food and water bowls or travel-friendly bowls.
  • Sufficient supply of your cat’s regular food and treats. 
  • Any necessary medications and a first aid kit.
  • Travel pet insurance information.

Must to keep medication for cat Travel:

  • Prescription medication:  If your cat is on any prescription medications for chronic conditions or specific health concerns, ensure you have it for your trip. Examples may include medications for heart conditions, thyroid problems, allergies, or chronic pain.
  • Motion sickness medicines: Consult your veterinarian about motion sickness medication options suitable for furry friend and administer them according to their recommendations.
  • Anti-Anxiety Medication: If your cat has traveling stress or anxiety, you must keep medication for that. Consult your vet to know which medicine will be best for your furry friend in such condition. 
  • First Aid kit: You must keep first aid kit with you in case of any emergency. 
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Source: Blue Cross

What should you do if you leave your cat in house?

Some cats like to stay at home. They feel comfortable at home rather than going out on adventures. Sometimes there are situations when you may not have a choice of whether or not to travel with your cat, if you do have the option, you should consider the benefits of using a professional pet caretaker. A pet caretaker can accommodate your cat’s normal routine and alert you if anything seems unusual. If you’ll leave your cat with a pet caretaker or a friend who can take good care of your cat, you will have a peace of mind at your vacation or business trip. 

Pet sitter: 

Let your cat get familiar with the cat sitter before you leave them. Give all the necessary details to the sitter such as location of cat’s food, litter box, any supplements, medications, favorite toy, timings of going out etc. Don’t expect sitter to know what your cat needs on its own. Write a list of instructions that includes all the details such as feeding times, what to feed, treats, toys, litter box, medications, and anything else the pet caretaker needs to know. Providing a clear set of instructions and expectations will give you peace of mind knowing that all of your cat’s needs are being taken care of. Caretaker can also take your cat on walk. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Cats

1. Can I leave my cat in house while on vacation?

Yes, you can leave your feline friend at home while you are on vacation. It is important to make sure your cat has everything it needs to be comfortable and safe.

2. Should I travel with my cat or leave them at home?

It depends on your cat’s personality and comfort level. Some cats like traveling while others prefer to stay in their familiar environment.

3. Do I need a pet caretaker if I leave my cat at home?

Having a professional pet caretaker is a great option if you are worried about leaving your furry companion alone. A pet caretaker can provide peace of mind and ensure your cat is well taken care of.

4. What should I do with the litter box if I leave your cat home alone?

It is important to keep the cat litter box clean and accessible if you are leaving your cat alone at home. This will help your cat feel comfortable and happy.

5. How can I care for my cat if I need to leave them at home?

When leaving cats in house, it’s essential to have a professional cat sitter or someone to check on your cat regularly. Provide clear instructions on cat care and ensure your cat has everything it needs.

6. Is it better to leave your cat at home or hire a sitter when going on vacation?

It’s important to consider the needs of your cat and what will make them most comfortable. Leaving your cat home with a professional cat caretaker can be a good option for some cats.

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