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cat behaviour and training

Guide to Find a Lost Cat – Microchipped Cat

  • 19 min read

Chipping a cat Learn how to locate a microchipped cat. From scanning procedures to contacting relevant authorities, ensure a swift reunion with your beloved feline companion. No matter whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat, you should definitely have your cat chipped. While simple tags with the name and address of the pet’s parents were previously attached… 

Your Cat Doesn’t Drink Water – What Are The Reasons Behind It?

  • 16 min read

The average cat doesn’t drink water much in the wild because its fluid needs come primarily from food. Most house cats continue to show natural behavior, even though they are used to living in a comfortable home where they are fully cared for. Therefore, it can easily happen that your cat doesn’t drink or doesn’t consume enough… 

Outdoor Cats: What you should Know to Keep Outdoor Cat Safe?

  • 20 min read

Outdoor cats: This is what you should know Cats that can move freely outside and do whatever they want lead full lives. You arrive home balanced and satisfied. There they enjoy the comfort of their “own four walls”, the peace and security in a cozy bed and the cuddles of their two-legged friend. Fully fed, they will soon… 

Cat Walking in Circles Disoriented – Causes and Treatment 

  • 19 min read

Disorientation in cats Cats normally have excellent orientation. Their location memory is well developed, meaning they can easily return home when traveling longer distances. If a cat appears disoriented , certain behavior indicates an illness. Older cat find their way around their environme5nt more slowly. For example, you suffer from cognitive dysfunction. If the cat runs in circles disoriented, the behavior may… 

How many Cats is Actually too many? And How do you Take Care of Multiple Cats?

  • 16 min read

The character of the crazy cat lady who lives alone in her apartment with a bunch of cats is no longer necessarily used as a negative stereotype these days. On the contrary, some people even celebrate this lifestyle on the internet and in pop culture. But when does such a love of cats become more…