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Cats health

Taking the cat to the vet – Vet Visit 

  • 11 min read

Taking a fearful and possibly sick cat to the pet doctor often results in stress for humans and animals. For your cat, a visit to the pet doctor means that he has to leave his usual surroundings. This fact alone causes stress in cats, as our cats are sensitive creatures of habit and they are reluctant to leave… 

Your Cat Doesn’t Drink Water – What Are The Reasons Behind It?

  • 16 min read

The average cat doesn’t drink water much in the wild because its fluid needs come primarily from food. Most house cats continue to show natural behavior, even though they are used to living in a comfortable home where they are fully cared for. Therefore, it can easily happen that your cat doesn’t drink or doesn’t consume enough… 

Cat Walking in Circles Disoriented – Causes and Treatment 

  • 19 min read

Disorientation in cats Cats normally have excellent orientation. Their location memory is well developed, meaning they can easily return home when traveling longer distances. If a cat appears disoriented , certain behavior indicates an illness. Older cat find their way around their environme5nt more slowly. For example, you suffer from cognitive dysfunction. If the cat runs in circles disoriented, the behavior may… 

Cat Fleas: Detecting and Effectively Combating Fleas from Stray Cats

  • 20 min read

Recognize and effectively combat fleas on cats Cat pest are multiplying rapidly. If there is suspicion of an plague, for example because the cat scratches itself more frequently and extensively than before, action should be taken quickly. If leeches can already be observed in the fur, the leech has already spread significantly. But even if no leeches are… 

How many Cats is Actually too many? And How do you Take Care of Multiple Cats?

  • 16 min read

The character of the crazy cat lady who lives alone in her apartment with a bunch of cats is no longer necessarily used as a negative stereotype these days. On the contrary, some people even celebrate this lifestyle on the internet and in pop culture. But when does such a love of cats become more… 

Determining Stroke in Cats – Signs Your Cat May Have Stroke

  • 12 min read

Strokes in cats are caused by a lack of blood supply to parts of the brain or bleeding within the brain. Strokes and other abnormal neurological events can cause loss of certain functions such as balance, equilibrium, limb control, vision, and consciousness. The immediate onset of stroke symptoms may also indicate vestibular syndrome, seizures, or another…