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travel with cat

Can Cats Find their Way Home?

  • 10 min read

Cats have a very good sense of direction. They cover long distances within their large territory. Some cats even travel for days and still cats find their way home. But how do cats manage to avoid getting lost in unfamiliar areas? How cats find their way home? What exactly constitutes a cat’s good sense of direction is still… 

Can you Register a Cat without Papers?

  • 10 min read

When adopting a feline, the last thing you might think about is enrolling your feline. You may have heard that your friend with a Siamese cat has papers for his cat – but you don’t have anything like that! If you’re worried you’ve missed something, ask yourself: Can you enroll a cat without documents of kitty? You… 

Do Cats need a Pet Passport to Travel? : Pets that Travel Internationally

  • 8 min read

The “US Pet Passport,” crucial for pet owners exploring within the United States, contains essential information for pet travel. Designed in a standardized format, it facilitates the seamless movement of dogs and cats across states. This official passport also incorporates crucial medical records that pet owners might require during their journeys within the United States.… 

Global Cat Adventures: Entry Requirements You Need

  • 11 min read

If you want to take your cat on vacation, prepare well. This also includes remembering to vaccinate against rabies on time. Holidaymakers should inform themselves well before departure about the country-specific peculiarities when entering the country with animals. Traveling with pets, whether within the United States or to non-U.S. countries, involves various rules and requirements. Here’s a…