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Guide and Advice: Anti-choke Collar for Cats

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A safe collar for your cat

Whether an indoor or outdoor cat, cats are very active animals who love to climb, run and sneak into unlikely places.

Wearing the collar can then represent a potential danger of snagging which could lead to strangulation; it is therefore necessary to take adequate precautions for the safety of your cat in order to prevent it from becoming trapped and injuring itself (sometimes, only a protruding nail can be the cause of the collar getting caught) or , in the worst case, to strangle yourself while trying to free yourself.

However , the identification of your cat is strongly recommended, the anti-strangulation collar is the appropriate solution for the well-being of your pet.

The specification of the anti-strangulation collar

The advantage of the anti-strangulation collar is its elasticity and less resistance unlike traditional collars, making it easy to free your cat in the event of a snag .

In fact, the models consist either of a nylon clip causing elasticity and favoring the opening of the collar, or of a process allowing the collar to give way, or is simply composed entirely of nylon relaxing the collar sufficiently to allow for your cat to escape.

Collars are generally adjustable and adaptable to the shape of your cat.

Breakaway Cat collar
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Choosing your anti-strangulation collar

To choose your anti-choke collar for cats, the procedure is the same as for a basic collar. It’s about relying on your age, your body type, your activity and your needs.

For a small cat, it is preferable to choose suitable collars which will be thinner and lighter than on an adult cat. Likewise, it is best not to burden an older cat with a collar that is too thick or too heavy. The morphology will also be indicative of the size of the collar to adopt. Although the majority of anti-choke collars are adjustable, XL sizes have been specially designed for cats of large weight and size.

If your cat is more of an indoor cat, a simple collar nylon  or plastic with nylon clip will be more than sufficient. However, if your cat likes to stay outdoors, reflective or luminous collars  are recommended to keep him safe from night traffic. Address necklaces have been created for runaways where it is possible to write your contact details behind the tab provided for this purpose. Depending on your desires and needs, various colors and patterns are available as well as bells allowing easier identification of your pet.

Anti-strangulation collars are therefore strongly recommended in order to maximize the safety and well-being of your cat . There is something for all body shapes and tastes, for kittens or adult cats.

How does an anti-choke cat collar work?

The cat is an animal that loves to climb and jump, even in places that are difficult to reach. If he wears a classic collar, he risks getting it stuck in a branch, a nail or any other object and strangling himself. The anti-strangulation collar helps eliminate this risk. This type of collar does not offer any resistance beyond a certain amount of traction. It breaks; if it is attached to an external element, it is lost, but the cat is not injured.

Most often, the anti-choke collar gives way when there is a strong pull on it. Thanks to its elasticity, it relaxes and comes off the cat’s neck without hurting it. On the simplest models, the safety clip is triggered and the closure opens by itself.

The safety closure can be adjustable depending on the cat’s weight and traction power. The safety clip is triggered according to this setting with positions for cats weighing three, four or five kilos.

Finally, the elastic collar relaxes as much as possible to allow the cat to free itself. In any case, it is important to ensure that the anti-choke collar is working properly.

It is advisable to test it by closing it and pulling on the collar, as if it were attached to the cat’s neck. It should not open too easily, but should give way quickly if the cat gets stuck.

What are the differences between an anti-choke cat collar and a classic collar?

A classic cat collar is adjustable and closes with a device that can only be opened by a human. An anti-choke collar is equipped with a quick-release clasp or is made of a very elastic material.

With a quick release clasp, the necklace will open automatically under pressure. If the cat is trapped by its collar in a branch, a fence… it will come off easily and free the cat. The collar is lost, but the cat is safe and sound. The quick release clasp is always made of plastic and not metal.

For other characteristics, the classic collar and the anti-choke collar are identical. They can be made of nylon or leather, in different colors, different sizes and usually allow you to add a telephone number. Some models of anti-choke collars can be adjusted according to the cat’s weight and pulling force. This prevents the collar from opening too easily.

How do I put an anti-choke collar on my cat?

As with any collar, the anti-choke collar must be perfectly adapted to the size of the cat. If he is already used to wearing a collar, he will not notice any difference with a new model.

If the cat has never worn a collar, you must get used to it gradually. It is possible to give him a few minutes at the beginning by combining wearing the collar with a pleasant moment (meal, game, cuddle, etc.).

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