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Should I Put a Cover on My Cat’s Travel Carrier?

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Only put a blanket over the cat basket if your cat seems nervous and scared. But always make sure that your cat has enough air in the cage and that it does not get too hot. Cats are considered territorial animals and for this reason they find traveling uncomfortable. Most of the time moving them can be very stressful and will not result in a successful trip. Usually it’s the cat carrier itself that can cause the most trouble. If you don’t buy a high-quality carrier, it can be very difficult to get your cat inside, and it’s also difficult to know how to keep it calm during the car ride when your cat is in distress. or anxious. In this article, learn more tips to keep your cat comfortable during your trip.

Cat in Carrier

Reasons to put a blanket over the cat carrier while traveling

As cat parents, we all want the best for our cats. Of course, we always want them to be safe and comfortable, even if we have to take them on a trip. So the question is, what can you do to make your cat even more comfortable on your trip? Experts recommend keeping a blanket over the carrier. This is because cats often like to hide when they are anxious and a blanket over their carrier can help them feel more secure since they are hidden. Your cat has nowhere to hide and run if it’s in a carrier, which can stress it out. If you don’t have a blanket with you, cover the cage with a sweatshirt or towel. Covering your cat’s carrier can also help reduce motion sickness. Indeed, when traveling, cats can easily get nauseated because of the movements.

How to calm your cat while traveling

If your cat exhibits uncomfortable behavior or anxiety while traveling, be sure to cover the carrier with a soft fabric. You must ensure that it is still easy to breathe inside the carrier after covering it with a blanket or towel. Also, when you need to cover your cat’s carrier, only use a clean blanket or towel. If the towel or blanket is not clean, then the foul smell from it can only lead to another problem. 

However, if your cat seems to be enjoying the ride and is very calm during the trip, you can observe it first as you may not need to cover the carrier with a cloth. But most of the time, cat owners always end up covering the carrier because it can reduce wind and noise, especially if the car windows are open or you are in an unfamiliar environment.

Also, the distance of your trip should increase gradually. That said, your furry feline will slowly improve its sensations when it’s in its basket. You just need to give him some time to adapt to the movement and don’t forget to give him treats (like a small cookie) as this can also be used as an encouragement gift. 

Benefits of covering the cat carrier

  • Covering the cat carrier improves comfort and safety when traveling with cats.
  • A covered carrier creates a calm, sheltered environment, reducing travel-induced anxiety.
  • The cover offers a sense of security and privacy, beneficial in busy or unfamiliar settings.
  • Using breathable fabric ensures good air circulation, keeping the carrier’s interior comfortable.
  • Prevents overheating, maintaining a suitable temperature inside the carrier.
  • Makes the journey more pleasant for both the cat and the owner. 

How to calm a cat in a carrier during your trip?

If your furry friend panics at the sight of a cat basket, stay calm. You should keep the cage nearby, but make sure it is out of sight. To get your cat into the carrier, wrap him in a thick blanket or clean or familiar-smelling towel and put him into the carrier quickly but gently. You can also cover the carrier with a blanket if he gets scared during the ride. 

Do cats like to be under the covers?

Cats like to feel safe and protected. Most of the time, cats like to be in a higher place, and your bed is higher off the ground. Also, being under the sheets or blankets makes them feel even more protected. So it makes sense that your cat would appreciate blankets, as they represent a warm, confined space. When traveling, most cat owners carry a blanket to put in the carrier and make their cat feel more secure during the whole trip.

Why are cats afraid of car rides?

Cats are not known to like to travel. In fact, most of the time, cats hate car rides. This is because cats are not as domesticated as our dogs. They are very territorial and do not like to leave their territory for a new place. They don’t like new places that feature unfamiliar movements and smells, not to mention loud noises. That’s why experts suggest that if you really must travel with your cat, bring something familiar to them, such as a blanket or sheet that you can place inside or cover their crate during the trip. It will make him less anxious. 

cat in glass carrier

Final Thoughts

When traveling with your cat, you may face many problems. The best solution is to use a high quality cat carrier. Although using a cat carrier is a challenge in itself, there are things you can do to ensure your trip is a successful one, and one of them is to cover it for make your cat feel safer. 

Common questions about covering the carrier with a blanket

Q: Should I put a cover on my cat’s travel carrier?

A: It depends on the individual cat. Some cats may feel more comfortable with a cover on their carrier, while others may not. Covering the carrier can help keep the cat calmer and reduce anxiety, especially if you’re traveling with your cat or taking them to the vet’s office. It may also help if you’re helping nervous cats get used to traveling or being in a carrier. However, it’s important to use a cover made of breathable material and monitor your cat to ensure they are comfortable.

Q: Why do some cats prefer a covered carrier?

A: Some cats enjoy the sense of security and privacy that a covered carrier provides. It can help create a cozy, den-like environment, particularly for shy or nervous cats. The cover can also help reduce visual stimulation and make the cat feel more secure during transportation.

Q: What should I use to cover my cat’s carrier?

A: You can use a light, breathable cover such as a thin blanket or towel to cover your cat’s carrier when traveling. Make sure the material allows for adequate airflow and does not block ventilation holes or access to food and water. Additionally, consider using a cover that is easily washable in case of any accidents during the journey.

Q: How can covering the carrier help with cat anxiety?

A: Covering the carrier can create a more enclosed and secure space for your cat, which may help reduce their anxiety during travel. The cover can provide a soothing and familiar environment, especially if it contains familiar scents such as their favorite blanket or pheromone spray.

Q: Can covering the carrier cause my cat to overheat?

A: It’s important to use a cover made of breathable material and monitor the temperature inside the carrier. Avoid using heavy or thick fabrics that could cause your cat to overheat. If you notice any signs of discomfort or excessive panting, remove the cover and allow for better airflow until your cat cools down.

Q: How can a covered carrier make transportation more comfortable for the cat?

A: A covered carrier can provide a quieter and more sheltered environment for your cat, reducing exposure to unfamiliar sights and sounds during transportation. This can help create a calmer and more comfortable experience for your cat, especially during longer journeys or trips to new locations.

Q: Should I cover my cat’s carrier for a short trip?

A: Even for short trips, covering the carrier can help your cat feel more secure and relaxed during the journey, especially if they are prone to anxiety or nervousness. Providing a familiar and enclosed space can make the transportation experience more comfortable for your cat, whether it’s a short trip to the vet or a quick car ride.

Q: Can I help my nervous cat get used to a covered carrier?

A: You can gradually introduce your cat to a covered carrier by associating it with positive experiences. Encourage your cat to explore the carrier at home, leave treats and toys inside, and gradually cover the carrier for short periods while they are relaxed. Over time, your cat may become more accustomed to the covered carrier, making travel and transportation less stressful for both of you.

Q: Can covering the carrier with something familiar help my cat stay calm?

A: Yes, covering the carrier with your cat’s favorite blanket or an item that carries their familiar scent can provide comfort and reassurance during travel. Familiar smells can help your cat feel more at ease and secure, potentially reducing stress and anxiety associated with being in the carrier during transportation.

Q: Are there any benefits to covering a cat carrier for a vet visit?

A: Covering the carrier can help create a calmer and more familiar environment for your cat at the vet’s office. It can reduce visual stress and make the waiting room experience less overwhelming for your cat. Additionally, the cover can help limit exposure to other animals, loud noises, and unfamiliar scents, making the visit less stressful for your cat.

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