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Travel Litter Box for Cats – Portable  Litter Box to Take with You.

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Practical cat toilets for on the go

Cats need a toilet for their daily needs. This applies both at home and, of course, when traveling. Therefore, in addition to the conventional feline waste box , there should always be some kind of travel toilet available to take with you. A cat toilet is usually made of a special plastic and has a smooth surface. This means the toilet can be cleaned quickly and easily. A waste box  is filled with cat litter to allow the odor and liquid to be absorbed. To ensure that cats use the toilet regularly, it should always be clean and available to them. Cats are very clean animals that attach particular importance to being very clean and odorless . This is mainly due to their nature, as cats are extremely good hunters and do not want to attract the attention of prey with their smell. But what if the cat has to go on vacation because there is no cat babysitter?

Small mobile cat litter box to take with you

A small portable cat toilet should not be missing in any cat household. Whether as a mini travel toilet or as a practical disposable toilet made of cardboard.
Cat in a cardboard box
Source: kitty sift

Comfortable portable litter box for cats

Whenever a feline is taken on a visit or on vacation, it needs its toilet in order to feel comfortable. More and more feline lovers no longer leave their animals at home, but instead take them with them on many occasions. Since cats are very picky, they should bring their special, personal things with them on every tour, which they need for drinking, eating, sleeping and going to the toilet. It doesn’t always make sense to take the large pet commode with you on every tour . It is much easier if you buy a travel pet commode. These toilets are much smaller and easy to use. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Travel toilets for cats are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Particularly innovative feline toilets for on the go are designed so that the litter does not get wet even when it rains.

A cat should feel comfortable when traveling

Anyone who has a feline at home knows how much care and attention the animal needs. Especially if you travel a lot, you should buy a small set of accessories for felines that can be quickly packed together for the trip. When traveling with a feline, a food and drinking bowl and a transport box for felines are usually required, a toy, favorite blankets, treats and a pet commode. All accessories can be used sensibly upon arrival. This means that the animal is calmer in the car if it has familiar things with it. All feline accessories can also be used in a caravan, holiday home or on a sailing yacht. The practical second toilet is compact and can be taken anywhere at any time. It is important that there is a small opening for entry and that the toilet is always filled with plenty of fresh litter. In addition, when purchasing such a toilet, you should make sure that it is a stable pet commode that is easy to clean.

Disposable litter boxes are a good alternative

Every feline owner knows the little problem that feline need a toilet to do their business on long trips or on vacation. In this case, a disposable pet commode can be of great help. Disposable toilets are very practical and are large enough to provide enough space for every feline. The toilets are made from cardboard and can be set up in just a few minutes. As a rule, felines like this type of emergency toilet. A big advantage is that cardboard litter boxes can be placed in a rest area during a break on a long car journey. This is very hygienic. Since such toilets are made from natural and renewable raw materials, nature is not unnecessarily polluted. After use, the disposable toilets can be disposed of quickly and easily. Depending on the model, these toilets are available as a bowl or as a cave. When buying a mobile feline toilet, you should always pay attention to the correct size.

The disposable litter box

Save yourself the hassle of cleaning the litter box with disposable litter boxes

Every feline owner knows the tedious and annoying task of cleaning the pet commode regularly . It should be cleaned of the feline’s lumps and feces once or several times a day and also completely emptied and thoroughly washed every one to two weeks. All in all, not only a lot of work, but also extremely unpleasant. Good for the feline owner who owns a self-cleaning pet commode . Even with such a toilet, the work is not completely relieved, but it does make it a lot easier. On the negative side, however, such self-cleaning toilets are quite expensive. But not only are the costs enormous, they are also very impractical when traveling because they are usually quite large.

The disposable litter box as an alternative

So-called disposable pet commodes provide a solution . Not only are they practical to take with you when traveling with your feline, they are also easy and convenient to dispose of completely. As a short-term and temporary replacement, such “cheap” toilets offer an excellent alternative. They are generally well accepted by cats and have numerous other advantages.

The cardboard litter box

Do you have anything better to do than completely empty and wash out the pet commode on a regular basis? After a few days or a week, the disposable feline toilet is simply disposed of completely, including the litter, a new toilet is set up, filled with feline litter and that’s it. Some models also already have the litter and a litter scoop included.
Disposable cardboard Cat litter box
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Simply throw it away and clean it thoroughly

This not only saves time, but also makes cleanliness and hygiene very easy and convenient. Your feline feels comfortable and you have less work to do. Such disposable toilets for felines are usually made of high-quality, durable cardboard. Naturally, renewable and recyclable raw materials also protect the environment. This makes them perfect for short-term use. You can use simple disposable pet commodes as the sole pet commode, but can also be used as a removable insert in a conventional toilet. In addition to the simple one-time-use bowl toilet, there are feline toilets in a cave. Depending on what your feline prefers, both versions will serve their purpose. The prices are quite reasonable. Especially if you choose a model that already contains the litter.

The hygienic aspect

But it’s not just the easy and convenient handling that is an advantage of these disposable pet commodes. Conventional plastic toilets remain moist for a long time during use and therefore offer perfect conditions for all kinds of bacteria to grow. Such bacteria break down urea into foul-smelling ammonia and are otherwise not very beneficial to your cat’s health. The disposable toilet from Cathygien® (or other comparable models), for example, is made of breathable material, which allows the litter to dry more quickly. This reduces unpleasant urine smells to a minimum.

Ideal for on the go

Even though felines don’t like to travel, it can’t always be avoided. Who would want to carry their traditional pet commode with them? As if traveling with a feline wasn’t already difficult enough? Furthermore, who wants to do their regular pet commode cleaning duties while on vacation? But the disposable toilet is not only useful when you are traveling with your feline. Will someone take care of your pet during your vacation? Spare him or her the annoying chore of cleaning during this time.

Conclusion: quality at a low price

No matter which of the models suits you and your feline, the disposable pet commode is a useful alternative to the traditional pet commode in many ways. This toilet variant is perfect, especially when traveling or if you don’t want to burden a feline sitter with cleaning the pet commode. As a complete replacement for a sturdy plastic pet commode However, it is only suitable to a limited extent. It’s certainly possible to bridge a few weeks and even months, for example during a long vacation or a move, but it still doesn’t replace a real litter box. Especially if it is used by multiple felines. No longer having to clean the litter box thoroughly in the bathtub or shower, and of course not completely eliminating the daily removal of clumps and feces, is quite convenient. Simply throwing the entire toilet into the bin is very helpful. But even if these disposable solutions are quite cheap, supplies always have to be ensured. And that can be a bit annoying and expensive in the long run. Therefore, as an alternative to bridging: YES! As a permanent solution: NO!



Q: What is a travel litter box for cats?

A: A travel litter box for cats is a portable, lightweight, and waterproof litter tray that can be easily carried while traveling with your cat. It is designed to provide a convenient bathroom solution for your feline friend on the go.  

Q: What are the key features of a travel litter box for cats?

A: A travel litter box for cats usually comes with a seamless interior liner, a zippered top cover that locks in odor, and is easy to pack. It may also have pockets for storing food and water, and a leak-proof design for added convenience.  

Q: How does a portable cat litter box work for traveling with cats?

A: A portable cat litter box is designed to be compact and foldable, making it easy to carry in a backpack or travel bag. It provides a familiar bathroom space for cats while on the move, ensuring they are comfortable and secure during travel.  

Q: Where can I buy a travel litter box for cats?

A: You can purchase a travel litter box for cats from pet supply stores, online retailers such as, or from specific pet travel accessory shops. It is also available at some larger general retailers.  

Q: What are the benefits of using a travel litter box for cats?

A: Using a travel litter box for cats provides a convenient and familiar bathroom solution for your pet while traveling. It reduces the stress of finding suitable bathroom spots for your cat and helps maintain hygiene during the journey.  

Q: How do I clean a travel litter box for cats?

A: To clean a travel litter box for cats, simply wipe it down with a pet-safe cleaner and rinse it thoroughly. Some models may have a removable liner for easy cleaning. It is essential to keep the litter box clean to ensure a hygienic environment for your cat.  

Q: Can a travel litter box for cats be used in a car or on long journeys?

A: Yes, a travel litter box for cats is designed for use on the go, including in cars and during long journeys. Its compact and lightweight design makes it suitable for travel and ensures that your cat can have access to a bathroom whenever needed.  

Q: What are some customer reviews saying about travel litter boxes for cats?

A: Customers have mentioned that travel litter boxes for cats are convenient, easy to use, and help maintain hygiene while traveling with their pets. Many have appreciated the portability and functionality of these litter boxes.  

Q: Is a travel litter box for cats suitable for use in hotels or when staying away from home?

A: Yes, a travel litter box for cats is suitable for use in hotels, during camping trips, or when staying away from home. Its collapsible and portable design makes it a convenient solution for providing a dedicated bathroom space for your cat in unfamiliar surroundings.  

Q: What are some tips for choosing the best travel litter box for cats?

A: When selecting a travel litter box for cats, look for features such as a seamless interior liner, a zippered top cover that locks in odor, and a compact, foldable design for easy packing. Additionally, consider the size and durability of the litter box for the best results.

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